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24-Hour Hotline

Community Help Centre's 24-hour hotline and drop-in center (open weekdays from 9-6) is available to anyone!

Short Term Counseling and Crisis Support

Are you feeling angry? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Desperate?

Please don't make permanent choices until you've checked in with an outside, objective person. Vent to us! We will not judge you. We'll listen and we will help you figure out ways to deal with the problem.

When you need someone to listen, to support you through a troubled time or crisis situation, or to help you sort through your options, you can count on CHC's trained volunteer counselors to be there for you. Our counselors will not judge you and will respect your confidentiality. You can trust that we will always provide you with factual and non-biased information.

Trained counselors are always available by telephone and are available Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm on a walk-in basis; no appointments.

Call 814-237-5855 or walk in at
410 South Fraser Street in State College.

Alcohol & Other Drug Information and Referral

If you have questions about street drugs, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter drugs, call us. If you are worried about yourself or someone you know who is using or abusing drugs, call us. If you want to identify a pill, or you want information about primary effects, side effects and addiction potential, call us.

CHC counselors are able to provide you with factual, non-biased drug information, emotional support, support group information, rehab options, and detox options. They can teach you to effectively communicate your feelings and concerns to the people that you care about. Our goal is to support you and provide you with the information you need to make healthy personal choices.

Call 814-237-5855 or walk in at
410 South Fraser Street in State College.


Support Group Information

We can provide you with information about support groups that meet in and around your community. CHC counselors will provide you with meeting times, information about meeting content and goals, and, in many cases, contact information for group members who can give you additional information and support.

There are many support groups in the Centre County community that deal with important topics and issues, including alcohol and other drugs, personal health, and other issues. 

Call 814-237-5855 or walk in at
410 South Fraser Street in State College.

Emergency Food

Emergency food is available 24 hours a day. Call 814-237-5855 or  800-494-2500 for details.

We collaborate with the local food bank to provide food bank referrals, as well as emergency food from our pantry. Eligibility for food bank services is determined based on location of residence, income guidelines, and frequency of use. Our food pantry is available when the food bank is not open, when food bank services have been exhausted, and in other critical situations.

Those who have already exhausted their food bank referral and, as a result, ask to use the food pantry repeatedly will be referred to our Basic Needs program for case management and additional services.

Call 814-237-5855 or walk in at
410 South Fraser Street in State College

Human Service Information and Referral

CHC collaborates with the Centre County Office of Adult Services by providing a 24-hour helpline that provides information and referral services regarding human service and government programs. Callers who do not have long distance service may contact the helpline in order to be connected toll-free to various human service and government agencies.

Call 814-237-5855 or walk in at
410 South Fraser Street in State College.

 Specialized Services

CHC provides two specialized lines to serve LGBT individuals and Seniors.

LGBT Switchboard            814-235-4650

Senior Support Line          814-235-4671