Basic Needs Case Management

The Basic Needs Case Management program at Centre Helps provides resource management, budgeting, and advocacy services to individuals and families living in Centre County who are struggling financially. In addition, Basic Needs Case Managers may be able to resolve an immediate financial crisis such as, but not limited to, preventing eviction or termination of a utility. This can then allow the individual or family the time needed to work on developing a more sustainable budget and lifestyle. 

The Basic Needs program also collaborates with many non-profit agencies, government offices and congregations to best assist those living in our community. This collaboration allows Basic Needs Case Managers access and knowledge to a wide spectrum of assistance available in the community to better advocate on behalf of those in need. Basic Needs Case Managers are available to work with their client as they are working to meet various goals and are more than happy to provide ‘technical assistance’ during this life-changing process. 

“To meet client needs, I reach out to local churches and agencies – and they reach out to me,” says Maryrose Yerger, Basic Needs Case Manager. “People often come with multiple problems. They may be facing eviction, have medical problems, substance abuse, etc. I help at least 5 to 10 people a month and about 120 each year. Many of my clients are referred by other agencies. The number of people in need has increased and the amount of short-term funds they need has increased. I spend a lot of my day calling around to bundle financial support and find resources for people. It would help Case Management if we had a firm commitment and knew how much money we had to work with each month.” 

Basic Needs Case Management serves any Centre County resident living at or near poverty who requires short-term economic assistance to access adequate food, shelter, and heat. Case Managers provide counseling, emotional support, advocacy, education, financial packaging, budget counseling, and resource identification. They help with emergency, short-term, and long-term needs such as: 

•    Food, housing, utilities, transportation
•    Mental and physical health
•    Budget counseling
•    Help developing a viable plan in order to reach a sustainable living situation
•    Referrals to other agencies and providers, such as the County Assistance Office, Food Bank, Women’s Resource Center, therapists, etc.

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"When I work with individuals, I help them focus on accountability and sustainability. Some people already have a plan, so I help them refine and carry it out. Basic Needs Case Management helps people develop a viable plan to reach a sustainable living situation."

Call 814-237-5855 or (toll free) 800-494-2500 to discuss your financial needs with a Center Helps counselor, who may then refer you to our case management program. Or walk in at 410 South Fraser Street in State College

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