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Skydiving for suicide prevention

Did you know that someone dies by suicide every four hours in Pennsylvania? Yes, and suicide is the #2 cause for death among 18-35 year olds in our state. Because anyone can experience a temporary loss of hope, Centre Helps partners with the National Suicide Hotline to ensure anyone in need has a professionally trained listening ear 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

This is where the idea of Centre Helps Has Your Back comes from. Centre Helps Has Your Back, will take place on May 16, 2020. We are looking for 20 people to skydive in order to raise awareness for suicide prevention and raise funds to support the local Lifeline. We're asking participants to raise $2,400 to reflect the 24hrs/day that the Lifeline is available to provide support. The event will take place at Skydive Happy Valley and all jumps will be tandem.


Want to participate, raise $2,400 (or more), and have some exhilarating fun? Perfect! Contact Leanne Lenz at leannel@centrehelps.org!

Can't jump, but want to support those who do? Perfect! You can donate to a specific jumper or the fundraiser in general HERE

On the fence about skydiving and you would like to learn more before committing to the jump? Perfect! Here is what you can expect:

• You descend for approximately 4-5 minutes allowing you to enjoy the view (you can ask your instructor to point out Beaver Stadium). Together you and your instructor will fly your canopy gently through the air, or you can go for the wild ride, spinning and banking your canopy through the sky like a jet fighter. You decide. Mild or wild -- it's your choice - - and you and your instructor will fly in for a soft, gentle landing. You can learn more at www.skydivehappyvalley.com


Interested in being a sponsor of this event? To learn more about how your business can support Centre Helps Has Your Back, just contact Leanne Lenz at leannel@centrehelps.org!

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During the Event!

While participants are pouring down from the sky, there will be an after party at the wonderful venue of 814 Cider Works. At this party, some planned activities are a silent auction, a live-stream of the participants landing, and then of course food and drinks! We invite all supporters of the event and jumpers to join us at this beautiful space!

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