Support for Parents of Addicted Children

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This month, PA Governor Tom Wolf declared the opioid epidemic a statewide disaster emergency.  The epidemic that has spread across the country is particularly devastating to Pennsylvania as we have one of the highest overdose rates in the county. 

Addiction does not discriminate.  It can affect people from all walks of life.  Discovering that your own child is struggling with addiction can be shocking, devastating, and confusing.

PACCT (Parents of Addicted Children Coming Together) is a program offered by Centre Helps that provides education and emotional support to parents who are struggling with the substance abuse of their child.

Our six-week course incorporates group discussion and opportunities for participants to interact, with an emphasis on self-care and personal well-being. Topics include: substance abuse, addiction, recovery, and relapse; impacts on the family; healthy behaviors and coping skills; how to reduce enabling behaviors; how to encourage sobriety in the home; and treatment options and local resource information.

PACCT offers a supportive environment in sessions guided by professional therapists and trained facilitators; group members help each other problem solve and find ways to potentially intervene and break the cycle of addiction.

Centre Helps has long provided emotional support and information regarding substance abuse to people living with the problem as well as the families affected by it. Recognizing the need in our community for a program that specifically addresses the challenges faced by parents, we welcome your inquiries and registration (all participants must register) by calling 814-235-7672.

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