Mission & Vision


To provide immediate, empathic support and concrete solutions to those seeking support, information or referral.


We are a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that provides services, resources, education, training and information to people who are in need of support and to people who are seeking volunteer opportunities in our community. With a drop-in center and 24-hour hotline as our foundation, we work to coordinate and deliver human services throughout Centre County.

Core Philosophies

Empowerment: Through interaction and discussion, we work to provide multiple options for those seeking solutions to problems and encourage them to choose the options that best fit their abilities, beliefs and resources.

Intervention: If someone expresses a desire to hurt themselves or others and demonstrates a willingness to follow through on that desire, we will involve appropriate crisis response personnel.

Staff Run: We manage our center using a matrix model of management that reduces hierarchical interactions to the greatest degree possible. Our volunteers are encouraged, and in many instances required, to take leadership and management roles in our day to day operations.

Public Stewards: We are committed to providing high quality, empathic services at the lowest cost possible. As a result, well-trained and committed volunteers represent the most valuable resource we provide to the community at large. To that end, our volunteers receive extensive training and are charged with managing the organization, providing the majority of our direct services and assisting with program and resource development.

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