Life After Centre Helps

Centre Helps is uniquely positioned to provide the highest-quality volunteerism experience because of the comprehensive services provided, the long-term community recognition of the effectiveness of services, the extensive partnerships in which the organization participates, and the complexity and variety of problems for which community members seek help. Volunteers begin and continue careers in many helping fields, including some of these local agencies:

  • Youth Service Bureau
  • Housing Transitions
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Pennsylvania Certified Organic
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • State College Food Bank
  • Centre County Office of Adult Services
  • Veterans Multi Service Centre


“…prepared me for the profession that I was most interested in pursuing and gave me the confidence to take the next steps after college.”

“… has been the single most influential experience in determining what I will do with my professional future. This agency has taught me more that I could ever hope to learn and I am eternally grateful for my time here.”

“I have consistently relied upon the skills taught to me during my time at Centre Helps in my work with chronically mentally ill patients. Knowing how to be an active listener, and how to reflect and reframe a conversation is invaluable.”

“Volunteering at Centre Helps was the best decision of my undergraduate career. Centre Helps surpasses all other training, including what I learned in formal college classes. I will be forever indebted for all of the skills and experience this agency has given me.”

“This has been an experience that I will take with me into every path of my life and I’m grateful to have been part of something that has benefitted so many people.” *

“I am confident that I got my position at WRC (Women’s Resource Center) because of my experience at Centre Helps.”

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