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Apply to volunteer as a hotline counselor today! Applications due Monday, September 9th.
Email for more information or fill out the application here:

Centre Helps has answered the hotline uninterrupted since 1973. Our original mission was to provide alcohol and other drug intervention, information, and education. Over the years, our hotline services have expanded to include: emotional support, crisis and basic needs intervention, and information and referral to community resources. We use an educational model. This means that we provide unbiased, non-judgmental support and education by validating feelings and positively reinforcing self-knowledge and interpersonal skills. With a drop-in center and 24-hour hotline as our foundation, we work to coordinate and deliver services throughout Centre County. We believe in the investment we are making and have benefited from the training and experience that we have received.

Centre Helps is a staff-run agency. All staff persons accept responsibility for a hotline/drop-in center shift that is scheduled on a per-semester basis. In addition, staff persons participate in policy development and in the administration of day-to-day tasks. 

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer Hotline Counselor must complete and submit an application. Accepted applicants must complete the training program before becoming a staff member. Training consists of two evening classes per week (6:00-10:00pm) and some outside of class activities. The exact days of training will be determined based on the availability of applicants. The classes are held either Monday/Wednesday evenings or Tuesday/Thursday evenings. Training is held 3 times a year during the fall, spring, and summer. 

Benefits of volunteering as a Hotline Counselor

Give back to the community. Gain counseling experience. Develop and strengthen communication skills. Build your resume. Have a positive impact on the lives of others. Earn impressive recommendations for grad school or future employment. Potential to gain paid employment with Centre Helps including paid weekend shifts, Youthful Offender's Program Instructor, Information and Referral Specialist, and more! Call 814-237-5855 to learn more about Hotline Counselor positions or stop by 410 South Fraser Street to pick up an application! Internship: Administrative Assistant (Volunteer Services Staff) Administrative Assistants provide administrative support for our direct-service programs by helping coordinate outreach, responding to non-crisis calls and emails, actively maintaining resources, and engaging in other agency-support projects appropriate to their individual skill sets. For more information email:

Volunteer Placement

Along with assisting clients, we also welcome individuals interested in contributing to our community through volunteerism. Hotline counselor, administrative intern, and work-study opportunities are available.

The Volunteer Site lists other organizations that may have volunteer opportunities available. Take thirty seconds to register for an account on The Volunteer Site, or you can call 814-234-8222 or stop in at  410 South Fraser Street to find volunteer opportunities that match your interests! 

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