Centre Helps offers full and part time internships! Administrative Assistants provide support for the agency’s direct-service program implementation.  The interns are a part of the volunteer services staff members who answer the Volunteer Services phone lines, register students for the Youthful Offender's Program, attend community meetings with Support Staff,  and provide general program support. Interns in the past have helped with data collection, updating various client resources, and assisting the Case Manager. 

Those interested in the following areas should apply for this internship.
-Nonprofit Management
-Social Work/Case Management
-Community Needs and Resources
-Drug and Alcohol Education
-Counseling and Human Services

The Administrative Assistant internship requires individuals to have strong organizational skills and written and verbal communication skills. Individuals must also possess strong problem solving skills, be a self-starter, and effectively work well independently and with other staff members.

Centre Helps internship interviews occur near the end of each semester. This allows interns to start during syllabus week of the following semester.

e.g. Someone interested in a spring internship would need to apply and interview for a position by the end of the fall semester.

*NOTE:  This application is for internships only. For those interested in being a Hotline Counselor and going through the hotline training, please click on the "Hotline Counselor" tab on the left to access the Hotline Application.*



Centre Helps offers work study positions as Administrative Assistants (Volunteer Services Staff). Administrative Assistants provide support for the agency’s direct-service program implementation. Volunteer services staff members answer the Volunteer Services phone lines, coordinate transportation requests, conduct volunteer placement interviews, and provide general program support. If you would like to apply for a work study position call:
 814-237-0032 or walk in at 410 South Fraser Street in State College to pick up an application. In order to be eligible for hire, applicants must have a work study grant. 

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